In third grade the students will be apart of a writing workshop.  In this workshop, students will select their own topics, learn how to write with purpose, and go through the writing process as real writers do.  It will be a year where they will grow as a writer, develop stronger vocabulary, and have a deeper understanding of the importance of what good writers do to be successful.  
      The writing program we use in third grade is called Being A Writer. This writing program has two goals: to develop the creativity and skills of a writer, and to cultivate the social and ethical values of a responsible person.  It uses high-quality trade books for genre immersion and author studies, and easy-to-teach mini-lessons to reinforce the skills and conventions taught in the program.  The lessons integrate writing instruction, regular community-building elements, and guided partner work to develop in students a sense of autonomy, belonging, and competence.
Below are the units that the students will study this year:
    • Building a Community of Writers
    • Narrative
    • Fictional Narrative
    • Informational Research
    • Fiction
    • Functional Non-Fiction
    • Poetry
    • Opinion Writing
    • Revisiting the Writing Community