Welcome to Engineering and Architecture

Posted by JONATHAN TAYLOR on 8/29/2019 3:00:00 AM

Dear Students:

Welcome back to school. For those of you who are new to West, I am Jon Taylor and I will be your Engineering and Architecture teacher for this school year.

In preparation for the first day and first week, don't worry about anything for this class- Just show up! I will make it worth your while, I promise.

...Looking forward to working and learning with you this school year. 


J. Taylor

P.S.- Give it a few days and your new sleep schedule will get better. Also, besides my wife and 4 children, we have a chicken, Cinnamon. We used to have 4 chickens, but, well, it's a long story and if you feel like it, ask me about the chicken story in class. It involves Engineering, Architecture and Robotics!

My Chicken, Cinnamon and I hanging out this summer.