Posted by JONATHAN TAYLOR on 11/10/2017 8:00:00 AM

Architecture is...

diverse. A certified architect is hired to design furniture, cars, phones, computer cases, window displays, cheese presentations, video games, hollywood sets, stage for theater and, of course, structures like homes and commercial buildings.

During these next 9 weeks, we will explore Architecture mainly from a residential standpoint and projects will grow from model houses to choices of projects to meet the course requirements.

In sum:

1. 9 Weeks= 45 Points total in Procedural Knowledge Grade. Here is the same rubric as before:

1.Completion of Weekly Portfolio Entry .25 .50   .75  1.0       
2.Safe Conduct in Lab    .25 .50   .75  1.0       
3.Behavior Consistent with Proper Procedures   .25   .50 .75  1.0       
4.Attendance .25   .50 .75  1.0       
5.Community Contribution .25 .50 .75   1.0       

Total- 5 points

2. 9 Weeks= 45 Points total in Projects Grade. Here is the Project rubric:

Project Rubric- .25- Minimal Effort- .5- Ok Effort- 1.0 Superb Effort 

Pictures- 1

Quality of Project- 1

Steps to build Explanation- 1

Quality of Step Sheet- 1

Project "Difficulty"- 1

Total- 5 points

3. 9 Projects Include:


1. Sketch Mimicry- Architects from around the world

2. Floor Plan view (your own house or apartment, then your own design) with Doors, Windows, furniture and dimensions-

3. 3-D View- CAD generated- AutoCAD Architecture Needed for Grade: Walls, Doors, Windows, Kitchen, Bathroom, ADA compliance, bedroom/Living room furniture and any other furniture unique to your structure... Like a bowling alley for example.

4. Exterior Model- Check with me for options- Due Dec. 22- Has to look great!

5. Interior Model- Check with me for options- Due Dec. 22- Has to look great!

(First 5 projects are individually done)

6. Design and Build 1- A Game/Minecraft Community Build

7. Design and Build 2- A Product

8. Design and Build 3- A Display or Packaging for the product

9. Design and Build 4- Your choice

(Projects 6 through 9 can be done individually or within a group and all due at end of semester.)


( Special Note: Engineering and Arch. II will be working with Portable Storage Containers as their main structure for the individual project.)


See me with any questions. I look forward to working with you again.