Weekly Procedural Grade Information

Posted by JONATHAN TAYLOR on 9/12/2017 6:00:00 AM

Grades are important to you. See me if you don't understand the weekly procedural grade- which is a grade earned for going through the motions of challenging yourself to learn new material.

I need you to take what you already know, apply it to learn something new to understand the new material. This is important when making a project.

Your ability to try will earn you a perfect score each week. This rubric accounts for HALF of your marking period grade.


1.Completion of Weekly Portfolio Entry .25 .50   .75 1.0       
2.Safe Conduct in Lab    .25 .50   .75 1.0       
3.Behavior Appropriate and Consistent with Proper Procedures   .25   .50 .75 1.0       
4.Attendance .25   .50 .75 1.0       
5.Community Contribution .25 .50 .75   1.0       

Total- 5 points