Reading Olympics

What is Reading Olympics? 
Fifth and sixth grade students from Warwick Elementary School participate in Reading Olympics each year.  This year we had 105 students and 9 teams.  The students met, formed teams, and came up with names for their teams.  All of the students who participated read books from the Reading Olympics list. They were invited to jot notes about the characters in the books and the key events on paper to keep the book fresh in their minds. They competed against other CB schools and private schools on April 3rd at Warwick.
We were thrilled to host such a wonderful event, and we are looking forward to hosting in 2020!
Below is the book list for the upcoming 2019-20 Reading Olympics.
The middle school list for our 6th graders who are moving onto the middle school can be accessed by following this link and scrolling down to book lists:
Good luck!
2018-19 Reading Olympic Elementary List.pdf, 123.42 KB; (Last Modified on May 8, 2018)