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Important Message from the Superintendent

Dear Central Bucks families,

The Central Bucks administration became aware of a deeply offensive social media post that was incorrectly attributed to a student of the Central Bucks School District. The post referenced the recent events in Minnesota, in the context of the death of George Floyd.

District administrators, working cooperatively with Central Bucks Regional Police, determined that one of our students had responded to the disturbing post, stating that it was “uncalled for,” and “absolutely awful behavior that needs to be put to a halt.” Unfortunately, this language was misattributed when the post was shared, and as a result, those individuals who saw the post incorrectly attributed the original disparaging language to a member of our student body.

This is not true, and our student did not create the original post. It is clear based on our investigation that our student’s intent was to bring attention to and condemn the post. We are grateful to those who brought this serious matter to our attention and we are proud that our students see social media as a powerful tool to promote change. However, the confusion that followed teaches an important lesson about the speed of social media, and how easily it can be misunderstood.

We share this information with all of you in order to stem the spread of rumors that may result from this misunderstanding and ensure that the facts are provided.

Stay Well,

dr. kopicki signature

John J. Kopicki, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools