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AP Refunds:

Students are strongly encouraged to work with their current teachers and to utilize CollegeBoard’s online AP resources.  The exam has been shortened and it also covers less material.

There will be no formal cancellation process for AP exams. If a student no longer wants to take the AP exam they will simply not take it during the scheduled time. There is no need for the parent to notify the teacher or the AP Coordinator. Schools will be notified in June regarding who took the test. Those who originally paid and chose not to take the test will be given a refund of $99 through their MyPaymentsPlus account once CollegeBoard reconciles their records with us at the conclusion of testing. If there are extenuating circumstances that require an earlier cancellation and refund, please contact your school's AP Coordinator.

Also, per CollegeBoard, no student can register for an exam at this point due to test security reasons.  If a student did not pay for the exam during the registration period when school was in session, then they will not be able to take it.

AP Score Reports and Seniors:

Seniors are advised to note what college they want their AP scores to be sent.  That notification takes place in their personal AP CollegeBoard account, and it can be completed at this time.

AP Exam Preparation:

Students are advised to regularly check their email.  CollegeBoard will be sending out emails with informational and video demonstrations regarding set up for the test day.  Test dates range from May 11-May 22 eastern standard time.