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Calendar Corrections

Please Note - A number of corrections were made to the district’s printed calendar of events:

  • December 10 – Regular School Day (Previously stated “No Kindergarten, Grade K Parent Conferences”)
  • December 12 – Regular School Day (Previously stated “Early Dismissal K-6, Elementary Conferences, Full Day 7-12”)
  • December 17 – CORRECT AS LISTED - No Kindergarten – Kindergarten Parent Conferences
  • December 21 – Early Dismissal K-12, PM Kindergarten Attends in the AM (Previously stated “No PM Kindergarten”)
  • March 15 – Early Dismissal K-6, Full Day 7-12, PM Kindergarten Attends in the AM
  • June 14 – Last Day of School, No PM Kindergarten, K-12 Early Dismissal (Previously stated “No AM Kindergarten”)

Attached, you will find a revised “December” grid with corrections noted, as well as a copy of the 2018-2019 single-page calendar. Please note that early dismissal days and days when school is not in session are also noted on the district’s digital calendar.

Thank you and please accept our apologies for any confusion.

-CBSD Administration