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Resistance Skills is October Boomerang Asset

Doyle Elementary School fourth-grade students created a promotional video, under the direction of Doyle QUEST Teacher Laura Fornwald, for this month’s CB Cares Asset, which is #35, “Resistance Skills.”

Asset #35 was chosen particularly because this is Red Ribbon Week. Also for the occasion, this month’s deadline for Boomerang Award nominations has been pushed back to October 28, which the folks at CB Cares hope will encourage an extra number of Boomerang nominations.

The video is posted here.

Every CBSD school can nominate one student each month for the Boomerang Youth Recognition Award, which is sponsored by the CB Cares Educational Foundation. The award is then presented monthly to three selected Central Bucks School District students.

Since 1996, CB Cares Educational Foundation has been a trusted and valued resource to the community with their prosocial programs that combat risky behaviors of drug and alcohol misuse among teens. The organization also sponsors CB Cares Volunteer Teens and the Parent Positive Speaker Series, and it has awarded more than $60,000 in Innovative Learning grants to CBSD teachers to bring innovative learning methods to their classrooms.