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Titus iRun4Life Gives Back

Titus Elementary's iRun4Life Gives Back program has chosen to make pediatric cancer awareness their focus and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) their charity.


In March a representative from ALSF talked to the participants about how the foundation started and how the fundraising money will be used.  Next, Mrs. Nero, a 2nd grade teacher at Titus whose daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia last spring, was introduced. She spoke about her daughter and their charity, one that Titus has also gotten behind, called “Mighty Marisa,” and what it meant to have the school involved in such a great cause.  The kids were excited to have “Mighty Marisa” at the session, and to learn that she’s in remission! 


The iRun4Life Directors talked to the kids about “running for a purpose”.  They explained that each week, one to two teams will present on a warrior, hero, or survivor of cancer.  They will read a short bio on their adopted child, and we will run in their honor at each of our sessions.  The team presenting is encouraged to make personal signs to show their support.


Alex's Lemonade Stand will be present at upcoming Titus events like the Father-Daughter Dance and Book Fair, but also at community events such as spring baseball at Barness Park Fields and a Championship Track and Field meet at CB South.


In May, Titus will host the iRun4Life Color Run.  The group plans to invite all our adopted families to help throw color and possibly work our lemonade stand.  Students will collect sponsors for this run, and all money will be donated to ALSF.  


At the end of the program each family will be presented with a small, customized gift including letters and pictures from their team members.  The hope is to create a personal connection among all involved.


If you would like to donate to pediatric cancer awareness, please look out for Titus' lemonade stand  or go online to:


Good luck to the Titus iRun4Life Program and thank you for running with a purpose!



Source: iRun4Life Director for Titus Elementary Beth Bell



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