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Local Indian Artifacts Donated to Lenape

January, 2017


A local resident who wished to remain anonymous bequeathed to Lenape Middle School an impressive collection of local Native American artifacts. Lenape called in a local curator of the Museum of Indian Culture, Lee Hallman, to help identify the historic pieces.


Most of the artifacts can be traced back to the Unami/ Lenape Indians. Items include mortars and pestles, discoidals (game stones), rubbing stones, hammer stones, axe heads, arrowheads, pot shards, and roof tiles. Also included in this collection are some Native American pieces from the Arkansas/ Mississippi regions. The artifacts range from 4,000 years old to over 12,000 years old!


Mr. Hallman created a display case for the school to store these treasures. This special legacy will help bring history to life for Lenape students for years to come.



arrowheads axe


mortar pestle