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Bridge Valley Student Letter Gets Results!

CB 5th grade curriculum includes business letter writing. Mrs. Howley's Bridge Valley 5th graders practice by writing business letters to their favorite restaurants.  Most students write to local restaurants within the community; some write to ones farther away.  And each year, a handful of students receive business letters in return from the restaurants, usually accompanied with some sort of treat, such as discount cards, gift cards, pins, or pencils.  


This year, one student, Regan, wrote her business letter to Chickie’s & Pete’s of Warrington. The General Manager, Ryan, was so impressed that he reached out to Mrs. Howley and offered to bring in Crabfries for the whole class!!  He stopped by with 3 LARGE FAMILY SIZE containers of Crabfries and their signature cheese sauce for the class.  There was so much that the class was even able to share with other teachers!


Mrs. Howley's class will never forget their unit on business letter writing, nor the great community connection they have made!



 fries1 fries2