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Random Acts of Kindness Week in CB

Central Bucks School District is once again proud to partner with the Abby's Light Memorial Foundation, CB Cares, and Doylestown Health to support Random Acts of Kindness Day (RAKD).   November 19th would have been the birthday of Abby Schumer, a CB student who exemplified the spirit of kindness. Abby tragically passed from a brain tumor in 2012 at the age of 10.  Through the efforts of Abby's Light Memorial Foundation, Bucks County Commissioners have proclaimed Abby's birthday: Bucks County Random Acts of Kindness Day.  


CBSD schools, through the CBSD Wellness Committee, are encouraging students to perform acts of kindness during the week of November 19th and beyond.  The schools have launched “promotional campaigns” for RAKD, offering suggestions for acts of kindness over the morning announcements and at class meetings. Students are recognized for their kindnesses on RAKD bulletin boards in their schools.


The foundation estimates that on and around Abby's birthday, over 15,000 acts of kindness are performed to honor Abby.  Many are performed by school children. Some have given away their favorite seats on the bus, brought small anonymous gifts for school employees, or held a door open for a stranger. All who have participated have gotten back so much more than they gave. Because, in the words of Aesop from centuries ago, "no act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted."  


Both CB Cares and Doylestown Health are promoting the event as well, all recognizing the inherent health benefits of reaching out to help others in large and small ways.  


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