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CB South students help craft legislation

Three students from CB South, Max Jin, Luka Jonjic, and Dylan Schwartz, have joined forces with Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Munroe to present a groundbreaking legislative initiative, HB2017. This bill represents a significant stride towards safeguarding the mental well-being of young social media users in Pennsylvania by implementing comprehensive measures aimed at enhancing their online safety and privacy.

HB2017 proposes several critical provisions to address the growing concerns surrounding the impact of social media on youth mental health. Among its key components are requirements for social media companies to monitor chats involving two or more minors and notify parents of sensitive or graphic content, bolstered age verification standards, and the prohibition of data mining for users under the age of 18. By introducing these measures, the legislation seeks to create a safer digital environment for Pennsylvania's young population.

Representative Munroe first met Max, Luka and Dylan after their prize winning video submission to a C-SPAN competition during their time at Tamanend. Impressed by their video, Representative Munroe extended an invitation for the students to collaborate with him in shaping the proposed legislation.

Congratulations to Max Jin, Luka Jonjic, and Dylan Schwartz for their outstanding efforts in championing youth mental health and spearheading positive change in their community.

View clips of the press conference for the announcement of HB2017 here.