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CB West graduate Lance Xu is published in research journal

CB West graduate Lance Xu has achieved yet another milestone in his academic journey. Last year, Lance was honored as a Top 300 Regeneron Scholar for his outstanding contributions to behavioral science, specifically in the area of the framing effect. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Lance's work has been published in the esteemed research journal Humanities & Social Sciences Communications.

Lance's journey began as a participant in the Central Bucks Biotech program during his time at CB West. Despite moving on to pursue his undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University, Lance has remained committed to advancing his research on the framing effect.

The framing effect is a phenomenon in behavioral science where people's decisions are influenced by how information is presented to them. Lance's work delves deep into how age impacts the framing effect, offering valuable insights into human decision-making processes.

His recent publication in Humanities & Social Sciences Communications signifies a significant achievement in Lance's academic career. The full work titled can be accessed online at link.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lance Xu on this remarkable accomplishment.