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Attention Class of 2020


Attention Class of 2020:
Cap and Gown orders are due NOW and must be mailed to the company! Please include the $10 late fee (line 114 of the order form).

Extra order forms can be found in the Senior House Office.

For cap, gown, tassel and V-pennant, you need to fill out line #111 on the order form. Enter $27.95 on this line along with gender, weight, and height (with shoes). If you are only ordering these items, no packaging and handling needs to be added.  Add $10 for the late fee on line 114. A $1.68 tax is added to bring the final total to $39.63.

Class rings can also be purchased through Balfour. Separate packets with information are in the Senior House office.

Please mail the completed information and payment to Balfour Company, P.O. Box G, Dallas, PA 18612. Credit card payments or checks made out to "Balfour" are acceptable. No cash.

Questions about these orders can be directed to Balfour at 570.696.5236.