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One School, One Book


Posted by John David Anderson


Summer 2019 Reading Letter

Starting this summer, we will be engaging the Tamanend community in a One School, One Book program.  A committee of teachers, librarians, and administrators worked for a year to choose a book that would appeal to our entire school community.  We are pleased to announce that we will be reading Posted by John David Anderson.  We encourage all of next year’s Tamanend students to read this book over the summer.  The book is widely available online and through Central Bucks book fairs.  If you are aware of a student who might have difficulty purchasing this book due to a financial hardship, please email Kristi Holloway at so that we may obtain a copy for the student.  A reminder that the Tamanend book fair will be held May 20-24 in the Tamanend Library.  

We are planning a variety of activities throughout the 19-20 school year to engage all members of the Tamanend community in discussions related to this book.

Click here to hear Posted author John David Anderson talk about this book