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Holicong Positive News to Share!

Holicong Positive News

Friday, April 3rd - Holicong Positive News! FLUX Challenges - We were waiting for a Friday for this…but if you haven’t seen these…please click on the link above. The creativity and fun of this…just awesome and thanks to our students and Science teachers for putting these together!

Thursday, April 2nd - Please tune in tonight for the Holicong Sequestered Songfest!  Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Wednesday, April 1st - Please know that we are a “go” for the first Sequestered Songfest” put on virtually by Holicong students.  This will take place on Thursday evening at 7:00 pm so please mark your calendars now.  We are going to send out a link tomorrow but wanted to reiterate this now to everyone in the hope that you can join!

Tuedsay, March 31st - Congratulations to Paul Calderario for being the Holicong representative for the state National Geography Bee competition.  The organization initially tried to accommodate a virtual competition due to the current situation but decided last week to cancel it based on a variety of concerns.  We know Paul would have represented us well and a “shout out” for this accomplishment! 

Monday, March 30th - Bucks County Science Fair Awards Presentation...made by Mrs. Bannon & Mr. Meletti...congratulations to the students who participated in the competition!

Friday, March 26th - Projectile Launcher Instructions!

Check out these instructions...and labs from 8th Grade Science classes!

DIY Projectile Launcher Instructions

Projectile Lab 1

Projectile Lab 2

Thursday, March 25th

GO SCIENCE!  Our Science teachers offered a challenge to our students...and look what they came up with...never underestimate the creativty, critical thinking, and ingenuity of our students!

Best Inventions:

Best Games:  

Best Bridges:

Wednesday, March 24th

Holicong Sequestered Songfest! - Here is Mr. Glaser's introduction video to an awesome new event the music department and students has in store!

Sequestered Songfest Overview - Typed up instructions and logistics for our first Songfest!

Tuesday, March 24th

The Puppies of Holicong! 

Here are a few of the puppies (and other friends) of our Holicong community!

Monday, March 23rd

Extended Poetry to Develop Drafting Stamina– Mr. Vogelsinger published this article for Moving Writers based on his work with his 9th grade English classes. Please read it and look for pieces from Surah, Dakotah, Alisa and McKenzie!

Friday, March 20th

Blankenburg and Maddy Vlog

Thursday, March 19th

Mrs. Madden's class learns about cells - augmented reality!

Madden 1

Madden 2

Madden 3

Madden 4

Wednesday, March 18th

Morning Wellness Motivation with Mrs. Davidson!

Mrs. Lovuolo & Mr. Breeden's classed worked collaboratively to design and build a car with the goal of having it travel the farthest distance.  The objective was for studnets to examine energey conversions.

Recycled Racer Lab 1

Recycled Racer Lab 2

Tuesday, March 17th 

Please see below for pics and short video of dress rehearsal for Xanadu!


Xanadu 1

Xanadu 2

Xanadu 3