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Lenape student memorizes 1,017 digit of Pi

In an impressive display of memory and dedication, ninth-grader Nergis Teke, a student at Lenape, recited a remarkable 1,017 digits of Pi during Lenape's Pi Day contest. The event saw Nergis doubling her previous record from last year, where she recited 447 digits.

The Pi Day contest, now in its second year at Lenape, welcomed ten talented contestants this year, each vying to recite as many digits of Pi as possible from memory. Nergis's outstanding feat not only showcased her extraordinary memory skills but also highlighted her remarkable determination, as she accomplished this remarkable feat while fasting for Ramadan.

The runner-up in this year's competition recited 268 digits. All contestants participated under the watchful eyes of two witnesses, ensuring the accuracy of their recitations for submission to the online Pi World Ranking List.

Once Nergis's record is officially recognized, she is poised to secure an impressive ranking, standing at 68th in the United States and 77th in all of North America across all age groups. Her achievement not only brings pride to Lenape but also contributes to the global celebration of mathematical prowess.

Nergis's journey to Pi Day glory is a testament to her dedication and passion for mathematics. Her early exposure to memory games and her focused preparation leading up to the event underscore the importance of nurturing and supporting young minds in pursuing their interests and talents.