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School Spirit Days

Student Council Spirit Days

2018 - 2019

November 28- Mismatch day

Wear your clothes completely mismatched. Be as zany as you can!

December 21- Wear your ugliest sweater or festive holiday wear

Some children may choose to wear an ugly holiday sweater and others might choose to wear festive holiday attire. We don’t care what you decide, we just hope you have fun and participate.

January 16- Career Day

Dress up like your future career.

February 1- Football Jersey Day

In the spirit of the Super Bowl, dress up in your favorite football team’s jersey.

March 15 –Sports Jersey Day

Wear your favorite sports jersey.

March 26- Color Wars

Each grade level will wear their assigned color to the assembly.

            Kindergarten- Yellow

            First- Orange

            Second- White

            Third- Purple

            Fourth- Red

            Fifth- Blue

            Sixth- Green

April 12 – Crazy Hair Day

Show your school spirit by wearing your hair in a wacky style!   

May 3 – No Technology Day

Jamison goes “old school”. No computers, No Ipads, and No Technology!

June 5- 80’s Day

Dress up like those wacky 80 people. The bigger the hair the better!