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5th Grade Citizenship Challenge

Please join us in Congratulating Mrs. Monkoski's 5th Grade class with their First Place Win in the Rendell Center Citizenship Challenge at the National Constitution Center today. Yay!!! Over 250 fifth grade classes throughout the Commonwealth competed and answered the question: Explain the First Amendment to the Constitution, its importance to Americans, and indicate which freedom you think is most important and why. Students submitted an essay, prepared a presentation, and answered Constitutional questions from a panel of judges including a US 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Superior Court Judge, a former Secretary of Education for Pennsylvania, and a former US Treasurer. What an amazing day! The entire competition was live streamed and will air on PCNTV Sunday, January 21 at 2:00 PM. Mrs. Monkoski is very proud of her student's hard work and accomplishments today! Photographs courtesy of Katie Baab/