Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic summer, filled with family, friends and fun!  If you like American History, "playing" with worms, being "energized", reading great books, and writing, you will love your year as a fifth grader! We will bring history to life with fun activities that make you feel as if you were back in 1776!  The hands-on, inquiry based science units of Weather, Energy and Nature's Recyclers are full of experiments that will make a scientist out of  you. We will also develop your research and technology skills to get you ready for next year's Sixth Grade Assessment. You will have a chance to switch classrooms, which is a fun way to experience other teachers on the team. We will go to Peace Valley to enrich our science education. The first day of school is on Tuesday, September 3 and Back-to-School Night is Thursday, September 5. Enjoy the waning days of summer and rest up for Fifth Grade! 




    Colleen Daley