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  • June 12th 

    Happy LAST Friday!! We are almost there friends.  Thank you for stopping by my page today.  As our country continues to have conversations about racism in our country, I think it is important you take the time to watch some of the CNN townhall from last weekend.  There are three parts, please try to watch them all.  After you watch them think about these questions: 

    • Have you ever noticed anyone being treated differently because of the color of their skin?  
    • If you have felt like someone treated you differently because of your skin color, think about how did it make you feel? Did you wish someone had done something? 
    • If you see someone being unkind or treating someone differently because of the way we look, how could we be an upstander? (what could we do or say?)


    CNN Townhall Part 1

    CNN Townhall Part 2

    Townhall Part 3


    June 5, 2020 

    Happy Field Day!! I hope you are having a blast doing all the fun games Mrs. Hendershot sent you.  Please send me some pictures of your fun times. 

    Due to recent events, I thought it was really important to do a lesson on Respecting Diversity.  Please check out this powerpoint. Respecting Diversity

    I'd also like to strongly encourage you to watch this townhall on CNN: CNN Townhall  on Saturday, June 6th at 10:00 am.  If possible, watch this powerful townhall and have a conversation as a family about race and celebrating diversity.  


    May 29, 2020

    Hello Patriots, 

    I hope you had a great 4 day week.  Please view this lesson, it is about friendship and dedication.  Think about those who take care of you, who are important to you when you listen to the story.  

    A Sick Day For Amos McGee 


    May 22, 2020

    Happy Friday, friends!  Today's lesson is about using your social filter.  What is a social filter you ask?? Well, check out this lesson and see!  

    I Can't Believe You Said That

    Other Fun Activities:

    1-4-3 Day.  Friday, May 22nd is the 143rd day of the year, and in Pennsylvania in honor of America's favorite neighbor Mr. Rogers it is a day of kindness.  Do something kind today....learn more about 143 day here 143day

    Check out this fun song done by all CB Elementary Counselors!  Lean On Me We are all here for you, no matter where we are!  

    Keep checking out Mr. Hagen's Youtube channel for more Taekwondo: K-2 Videos3-6 Video


    Social Filter

    May 15, 2020 

     It's Friday, hooray!  Today's lesson is about Empathy - the E in our PRIDE.  Empathy is my favorite part of PRIDE because it is about understanding how other people feel, putting ourselves in someone's shoes.  Once we understand how someone feels, we can treat others with respect and kindness.  

    Check out this powerpoint.  You will read a story called The Invisible Boy The Invisible Boy 

    Think about how the boy is feeling throughout the story.  Put yourself in his shoes, how would you want someone to treat you? Check out this powerpoint for the full lesson 

    The Invisible Boy Powerpoint


    NEW!! Check out this page for Taekwondo Lessons with Mr. Hagen!  Taekwondo can help teach self control, respect and self defense.  His self paced videos are great for any age.  Mr. Hagen TKD


    May 8, 2020 

    Hi Friends! I hope you are having an awesome day.  Today's lesson is...you guessed it ...about Determintation! Determination is never giving up or as many of you talk about it's about showing that GRIT.  As you are reading, think about a time you have had to show GRIT or determination.  


    • K-3 Check out this read aloud from a friendly school counselor  Powerpoint for Mrs. Mooley
    • 4-6 Check out this read aloud Thank You, Mr. Falker.   
    • Then share about a time you have demonstrated determination on our padlet Padlet


    Mrs. Applegate's de-stress activity - here is a fun activity to do as a family courtesy of Bridge Valley's Counselor Mrs. Applegate 


    May 1, 2020 

    Hey Patriots!  I hope you had a great week!  Can you believe it is already May?? 

    This week our lesson will focus on Integrity (the I in PRIDE). If you recall from our assembly, integrity is another word for honesty and it means doing the right thing even when no one is looking.  We talked about how we show integrity in school and we used the water fountain as our example.  Even when you are in the halls getting water, it is important to use the water fountain correctly and go right back to class.  

    Please follow the following links: 

    K-2: Listen to The Empty Pot by Malek Empty Pot

    3-6: Listen to A Day's Work by Eve Bunting A Day's Work

    Follow up questions:

    Why do you think it is important to show integrity? 

    Think about how YOU can show integrity during distance learning. 

    Optional activities: 

    Mindfulness activities for the whole family! Mindfulness can help us feel calm when we are feeling worried, nervious, anxious, scared or mad.  Try one of these if you'd like. 

    Mindfulness For Kids  

    Safari Walk

    Mindful Video From a friendly School Counselor at Butler 

    Send me a picture of you doing a mindful activity or another distance learning activity

    Lastly - Get outside this weekend, enjoy the sun and fresh air if you can.  

    Integrity Quote


    April 24, 2020 

    Hello Barclay Friends! I hope you had a fabulous week.  Thank you to everyone who sent me a message on flipgird last week, I LOVED seeing your faces! 


    This week our lessons are about respect.  Remember R in PRIDE stands for Respect.  Check out these lessons with videos.  

    1. K-3 Lesson Respect Lesson - K-3rd Grade; K-4 Lesson Respect Lesson (4th - 6th)

    2. Optional: check in on the padlet to share how you can show Respect

    3. Talk with your mom and dad (or siblings) how you can show respect at home and in your community 

    4. Optional: Suggested family fun activity (optional) https://www.kennedy-center.org/mowillems - Artist Mo Willems gives easy to follow directs to create fun doodles.  

    5. Optional Fun: Send Ms. Custer a picture of yourself with CRAZY HAIR :) dcuster@cbsd.org 


    Respect Quote

    April 17, 2020 

    Happy Friday!  

    I'm so glad you will be joining me for lessons.  Please see the information below for this week's lesson.  Since P stands for Positivity in Patriot PRIDE, this week we are focusing on Positive Thinking.  Changing the way we think about something can change our feelings and behaviors, give it a try.  

    As always, don't hesistate to email me if you have any questions.  (DCuster@cbsd.org).  I miss your smiling faces everyday! 

    For today's lesson: 

    1. Say hello to your Barclay Friends on Flipgrid Counseling Flipgrid the password is Barclay11

    2. Check out this PowerPoint on Positive Thinking - hint it has voice recordings on many pages be sure to click on play! Positive Thinking PowerPoint

    3. Create a Family Bucket List or COVID Time Capsule Time Capsule Sheet or Bucket List (any piece of paper will do) 

    4. 4th - 6th Grade Optional: Dealing with Change Power Point - This presentation discusses the ongoing changes with social distancing and has great videos explaining social distancing, how change can cause discomfort and anxiety, and offers videos to practice calming strategies.  Click here---> Dealing with Change

    5.  Practice staying positive this weekend

Happy Friday