Mercer Museum

Mercer Museum "What's This?"

  •  After your introduction to the OVERWHELMING Mercer museum, try some of these...

    -Find Rollo's footprints in the Museum! Henry Mercer's beloved dog Rollo ran through the castle when the cement was wet. Find where he left his mark.

    - Find the Vampire Testing Kit. Real or Fake?

    - Find the "Peaceable Kingdom" in the Mercer (we already know about the Michener ones)

     iMovie commercial

    This field trip is a traditional part of the 4th grade year. What would you like to share with future kids to get them excited or interested in going to a local museum? Make a 30 second commercial highlighting the trip. *Remember you are AT the museum- you can NOT be loud or run around)

    Try matching the use of the object with its picture:

    What's It FARMING

    What's it FOOD

    What's it HOUSEHOLD

    That's it! Answer Key