• Concert Dress


    As concert time approaches, I would like to inform you of the expectations for student dress. This is a time for your child to shine and to also learn about the fine art of performance. Proper attire adds to the festive nature of an event for which they have been practicing. Below are some general guidelines for dress though you may use your best judgement. I tell the students to dress as if they were going to a religious service, or to pretend they were going for a job interview.


    Girls - Options are:

    -         A dress of modest length. Any color is fine.

    -         A skirt of modest length and blouse (or shirt). The top must meet the bottom.

    -         Dress slacks or nice pants and a shirt (not a tee).

    -         Dress shoes, heels, casual shoes, open toes shoes or nice sandals are all fine.

    *Please, no blue jeans, shorts, sneakers, or flip-flops.



    -         Dress slacks or nice pants.

    -         Either a dress shirt or polo shirt with a collar and buttons (tucked in). Sleeve length and color do not matter.

    -         Ties are optional.

    -         Dress or casual shoes. (If you do not have regular shoes, please don’t run out and buy them just for the concert.) If sneakers are all you have that fit, wear the nicest ones with the least amount of bright colors.

    *Please, no blue jeans, shorts, or sandals.


    Daytime assembly performances are informal and casual. Students may dress in regular school clothes for such performances.


    Students who are involved in multiple groups such as orchestra or chorus that may have specific requirements for concert attire can wear that for the band performance as well. No need to change.


                                                                                                                            Mr. Robinson