• Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation
    This introductory course is designed to teach students the basics of 3-dimensional modeling and animation on the computer. Students will explore 3-D modeling techniques in a computerized environment through a series of sequential assignments meant to build the student’s skills and knowledge base gradually.

    After learning how to navigate through the software, students will learn how to build 3-dimensional objects that appear to exist in a real environment. Lighting, camera angles, atmospheric effects and textural effects will be explored in depth for their impact in lending a sense of reality to the computer image. As students develop an ability to create 3-dimensional objects, they will also begin to explore the principles of animation, setting their computer-generated objects into motion. Storyboarding, sketchbook assignments, and critiques will be required to assist in developing effective solutions to the assigned projects.

    All work will be completed in the Art department’s Computer Lab. Students will use Maya throughout this course, as well as additional supplemental software such as Sculptris.