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    September 5, 2023

    Dear Students of Room 403,

    Hello, and welcome to your 5th grade year at Barclay Elementary School!  The teachers have been collaborating in preparation for the school year.  We’ve also been attending school workshops and vacationing with our families.  I have been eagerly waiting for the first day of school, and I am very excited to meet all of you and see your smiling faces.  😊


    As you may already know, 5th grade is an exciting, action-packed year.  You will soon discover that the keys to success in 5th grade are simple:  G.R.I.T., hard work, organization, and fun!  If you always give your best and keep yourself organized, I am positive that you will have a fantastic year.  If there is any confusion about the supply list you received at the end of last school year, ask me during the first week of school before you purchase any of these items.  In addition, I would like you to bring the following item tomorrow:


    *A school-appropriate joke to share with the class*


    One final thing… please choose three (3) to five (5) small items that reveal your personality and bring them with you on the second day of school.  Some possibilities include things that represent:  a hobby, a place that you’d like to visit, someone you admire, something about your family, future plans, or something that you dislike.  This will help everyone to get to know you better.  Be creative!  Please do not bring anything that is alive, expensive, or irreplaceable!


    I hope that this year at Barclay will be the best one ever. 



    Mr. Walter




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