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    Please see the weekly music schedule below. Underneath, you will find a list of grade level activities for the week. ALL lessons and instructions can be found in your Music Class section in Seesaw. In the event you are unable to open certain links found in the Seesaw lesson, I have included them for each grade level. I have found that certain links are tricky depending on the device that you're using to access the Seesaw App. Check back here if you're experiencing any issues.

    On the page following the lessons are instructions for finding and accessing your music activities in Seesaw. 


    Lessons for May 26-June 1

    **Full activity is located on Seesaw, the following links are provided in case they do not work through Seesaw on your device**

    Kindergarten: Marching Bands, week 2

    Included Links: The Parade Came Marching and Stars and Stripe Forever

    1st Grade: Marching Bands, week 2

    Included Links: The Parade Came Marching and Stars and Stripes Forever

    2nd Grade: Singing In the Rain

    Included links: Singing in the Rain

    3rd Grade: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Links: Mozart Brain Pop and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

    4th Grade: The Percussion Family

    Links: Percussion Family Brain Pop

    5th Grade: Ludwig van Beethoven

    Links: https://safeYouTube.net/w/R1Q6 and https://safeYouTube.net/w/y3Q6 and https://safeYouTube.net/w/B3Q6

    6th Grade: Record Barclay School Song

    All information is in Seesaw



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