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    Over the past few years, many social media groups have been formed to allow individuals who share common interests to communicate thoughts, information, and ideas. Many of our district families take part in these conversations, sharing insight and information about our schools. Unfortunately, this information can sometimes be incorrect or misinformed.

    To address some of this misinformation, the district has established this web page with the singular goal of allowing students, families, and the wider community to access accurate, clear information about issues of concern.

    Not every matter of concern will be addressed here; instead, our administrative team may choose to share accurate information here when, if left unaddressed, the misinformation would be disruptive to district or school operations. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to discuss matters first with the staff member closest to the area of concern, i.e. their child’s teacher, coach, or building principal.

    If you have questions, or if you believe something you “heard” or “read” may need to be addressed, please contact Angela Linch, director of communications and community relations, at alinch@cbsd.org.

    May 26, 2022 - Library Policy - Emily Rizzo Press Inquiry

    I'm working on a story about CBSD's proposed policy 109 and 109.2 on library / educational resources. Is there anyone from the district that would be willing to chat about the policy and concerns from district employees, parents, and students?  - Emily Rizzo, WHYY

    The following was provided in response to Ms. Rizzo’s inquiry.

    Board policies 109 (Resource Materials) and 109.2 (Library Materials) will be presented for a first reading during the June 14, 2022 meeting of the board of school directors. If approved at the June meeting, both policies will appear on the July agenda for the board’s final approval.

    The board respects and will continue to consider all public comment before making their final decision.

    Policy 109 establishes an expectation of consistency with regard to the Board-approved materials that are used in classrooms to deliver the curriculum and approved courses of study. This is a not a “book banning” policy, nor does it seek to establish a process that would dictate that a teacher cannot use anything unless the Board of Education first approves it. Efforts to present any narrative to the contrary are detrimental, distracting, and false. Not only is it causing our teachers undue stress, it is also placing our district in an inaccurate and profoundly unfair light.

    One of the hallmarks of our district is the collective strength of our teaching staff, and I am thankful that so many of our teachers seek to provide our students with lessons that enrich, enlighten, and challenge them to make sense of whatever they are learning. The freedom to pull rich content from a variety of origins to accomplish this missive is both an integral part of teaching, and an imperative for accomplishing the goal of an authentic, dynamic educational experience. The district is not seeking to stymie such creativity by implementing formulaic policies that would negate the positive impact of what I described; rather, it seeks to identify a baseline expectation that the approved curriculum and resources are in place, available for review, and delivered accordingly. We wholeheartedly encourage and expect our teachers to seek additional material that both supplements the approved curriculum with fidelity and provides an experience that makes students want to learn more, and we are not requiring those resources to be uploaded.