• Film Club  

    Advisor:  Ms. Tannous

    Description:  In this club we hope to immerse students in the joys of film.  We hope to watch a full movie at every meeting.  In terms of movies, all that we watch will be reated TV-14 or lower.  We hope to incorporate a theme for each meeting, either based on holidays, or a genre, in order to expose our members to a wide range of movies.  Our movie will be picked by vote from a preselected list made up of suggestions by members.  Based on the amount of interest shown, we hope to hold the meetings in either Ms. Tannous's classroom or in the forum room.  As for how will we watch, we will use either a streaming service on a personal computer or a DVD.   

    Meeting: Held monthly, some time during the beginning of the month.  Meetings will be held right after school for no more than 2 hours.