• Competitive Super Smash Brothers Ultimate club 

    Advisor:  Mr. Tracy  

    Description:  This club will be focused on playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitively, however, other smash or games can be added if enough members request it.  The scheduling will alternte between tournaments, which you need to be signed up in order to attend, and friendlies, in chich nayone at any time can come in and play or watch.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their Nintendo Switches and monitors to have more set-ups available, and we do have a secure space in the room for storage, however it is not necessary.  Sign-ups are here:  https://forms.office.com/r/ALkV1C9ps8.  For more info contact Cherny.N043@student.cbsd.org.

    Meetings:  Every Tuesday at 6:00am at room C107.