• Distance Learning Resources


    Resources and activities for your child are located below. We recommend your child follow their weekly specials schedule and complete the activities provided by those teachers. For example, if your child has music on Mondays, you only need to complete a music activity on Monday. 

    If your child receives instruction from special education or ELD teachers please visit their websites for all subjects which are taught to your child by these professionals rather than the regular education teachers.  Distance Learning activities will also be provided on the sites of speech therapists, hearing teachers and gifted teachers. 



Physical Education

  • For Physical Education activities, please visit the teacher's website located here. 

    Mr. Bocklet



  • For QUEST activities, please visit the teacher's website located here. 

    Miss McLaughlin


Reading Specialist


  • For resources from the counselor, please visit the counselor's website located here. 

    Mrs. Horan

  • For resources from PEN, please visit the PEN teacher's website located here. 

    Mrs. Walls