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    Please find your class' information under DISTANCE LEARNING and then your correct class and its block.


    Please email me at rtenpenny@cbsd.org with any questions!

  • Hi all!

    I'm just posting a little note about Distance Learning Phase 2 that started Monday April 6th, as there have been a few questions about it. I am also linking a SAMPLE schedule below- each teacher has a little flexibility with their schedule, so the times in the  sample schedule might not line up correctly. However, the times designated for each class will remain the same. For example, Block 1 will have "class time" every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30-12, but we might not have a synchronous meeting every time at 9:30. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.


    • When does my class meet/have assignments?
      • Latin 1 (Block 1)- Every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30-12. 
      • Latin 2/3 (Block 3)- Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-12
      • Latin 2/3 (Block 4)- Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2:30
    •  Will we have synchronous meeting every time we have "class?"
      • Probably not the typical live , required "Teams Meeting". Most times I will have Open Office Hours on Microsoft Teams. You need to make sure you have access to our Microsoft Teams account to "join" these live meetings. Office Hours will be at these times (unless specified otherwise):
        • Block 1 (Monday/Wednesday): 11 AM-12PM
        • Block 3 (Tuesday/Thursday): 11 AM-12PM
        • Block 4 (Tuesday/Thursday): 1:30 PM-2:30 PM
      • If we DO have a required, live Microsoft Teams meeting, it will be posted on my teacher website under your Class/Block/Date. So MAKE SURE YOU CHECK EVERY DAY to see if we do :) 
        • I usually try to post assignments for the next day by 6 PM, so you can also check the night before too! :D
    • Is work required now?
      • Yes! Everything is being graded on a PASS/FAIL basis, but it is still required. If for some reason you can't access my assignments or you cannot complete them due to extenuating circumstances, you need to reach out to me via email and let me know.
    • What if I have a question outside of Office Hours?
      • Email me at rtenpenny@cbsd.org
    • Microsoft Teams? What is that? Do I really need to use it?
      • Yes! This is how my office hours/synchronous class meetings are being conducted, so you need to make sure you have access to it/know how to use it!
      • If you don't have access to Microsoft Teams/don't know how to use it, YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME ASAP so I can help you out!
    • What if I just have a general question?
      • Email me! During "school" hours is best- 9AM-2:30 PM. If you send me an email late at night/in the evening, I won't be able to respond until the morning.

    I will post other questions here as they come in :D

Phase 2 Distance Learning Schedule