• Welcome All! 

    My name is Mr. Price and I am Health and Physical Education teacher at Central Bucks South.  Some of the courses that I am teaching include:

    - Health & P.E.

    - Team Sports

    - Stress Management 

    Please use the pages and tabs over on the left hand side to navigate my teacher site! You will find a page on here for Mr. Price's Google Site.  This site is my personal Health and Physical Education site with additional resources that can and will be used in class - so please be familiar with the location of that site.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, I am very active on email and is most likely the best way to reach me. You can email me at rprice@cbsd.org. 

    I look forward to a great first year with you all! 


    In Health & Wellness, 

    Mr. Price 


    "This is the process - Identifying where you want to be, and breaking it down in pieces.  Excellence is a matter of steps.  Excel at this one, then that one and then the one after that" - Ben Bergeron