• Welcome All! 

    My name is Mr. Price and I am the Long Term Substitute in the Health and Physical Education Department at Central Bucks West.  Some of the courses that I am teaching include:

    - Health & P.E.

    -LifeTime Activities 

    - Stress Management 

    Please use the pages and tabs over on the left hand side to navigate my teacher site! For Distance Learning, I will encourage all my students to be active and I may be posting activities that allow you choice in a workout/physical activity.  Stress Management and Health, we will begin this first week or so with review activities as we all become acclimated to Distance Learning.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, I am very active on email and is most likely the best way to reach me. You can email me at rprice@cbsd.org. 


    In Health & Wellness, 

    Mr. Price 


    "This is the process - Identifying where you want to be, and breaking it down in pieces.  Excellence is a matter of steps.  Excel at this one, then that one and then the one after that" - Ben Bergeron