• Dear Butler Families,

    As one of the only schools in-district with a second floor, but no building-wide centralized air-system, it was decided by the Central Office Administration, CB Facilities & Energy Management Operations (FEMO) Department and the members of our CB School Board to conduct a feasibility study and create a renovation plan bringing building-wide Air Conditioning system and energy efficient LED Lighting to Butler.  Over the last year-and-a-half, the Central Bucks School District has finalized construction drawings, conducted a public bidding process, awarded contracts to complete all work, reviewed plans for installation, purchased material and equipment and are now in final preparations to begin construction in a few weeks.

    In the formal communication about the project shared last May, there have been some modifications to the start-date.  Below, the timeline for construction will be outlined in order to remain on-schedule throughout the summer so all work is completed by the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  With so many school activities in the spring (especially nearing the end of the school year), it is our goal to be able to maintain those events – as best as possible – while work is simultaneously conducted for the A/C project.  Proper pre-planning will be required, and the school is coordinating efforts to project ahead to avoid conflicts as best as possible.

    The purpose of this letter is to communicate the project expectations for our students, staff and community, share the project-calendar, and provide an overview for each phase of the work completed.  Construction/ Installation will be on a tight timeline to meet the deadlines of the project. 

    Project Expectations:

    The scope of the work will officially begin on March 2, 2020 through to mid-August with all renovations completed prior to the start of the 2020-21 school year.  However, delivery of containers, dumpsters, fencing, and supplies has already begun.  While school is in session, there will only be “second-shift work” (4:30PM-12:30AM) through to the last day for staff – June 17th.  This work will take place in common areas such as hallways, library and gym during this timeframe – with minor installation leading into each learning space and classroom.  Anticipate “open-ceilings” in each of our hallways until the end of the school year. 

    Finally, all workers on-site will have their state-mandated Child Abuse-, Fingerprint- and FBI-Clearances submitted into our District’s Project Manager and Human Resource before they are allowed on-property.  With this project, there will be an on-site “Field Office” for our multiple construction crews using one of our first floor multi-use classrooms – thus it will remain off-limits for activities, groups, students and staff until next year. Around the outside of the building, there will be several “staging areas” beginning now through the end of summer – w/ fencing installed and “No Trespassing” signs posted.  No established “play areas” for students should be affected, but there will be dumpsters, machinery, storage boxes, and other heavy equipment adjacent to the building.  Additionally, during the evenings and summer months – equipment and construction vehicles will be on-site – so we encourage that any community presence on Butler property remain in the “playground areas” only – and caution for all children to be supervised on weekends and at night. 

    Butler HVAC Work Project Phases:

    Pre-Staging Work: February 3-February 28

    • Delivery and Placement of Storage Units, Dumpsters, Supplies, Fencing Installed
    • Placement of Units will avoid playgrounds, door access points, etc.

    Phase 1: March 2 – April 3

    • Second Shift Primary Wing and Art Wing
    • Also, begin Library/Stage/Gym Lighting

    Phase 2: April 6 – May 1

    • Second Shift Middle Building to Ramp, 2-floors
    • Complete Library/Stage/Gym Lighting

    Phase 3: May 4 – June 19

    • Second Shift From ramp to 2nd & 6th Grade wings

    Phase 4: June 22 – August 21

    Summer (All Classrooms) 

    • As noted above, this work will continue throughout the Summer of 2020, in preparation for the opening of the 2020-2021 school year.  We will provide future updates as more information is received from our Project Manager and FEMO Department.  

    Thank you for your continued interest and support of Butler Elementary as we complete this important project.  We look forward to our Butler Bears returning to a fully air-conditioned school!  


    Karl T. Funseth, Principal  

    Jesse D. Brosious, Assistant Principal