• tamart

  • Hello! My name is Madison Van Houten, the new Art Teacher at Tamanend Middle School!
    This will be my 5th year in CB! For the past 4 years, I have been the art teacher at many Elementary schools.

    Here at Tamanend, I teach...

    • Art Essentials (7th Grade)
    • Modern Art and Design (8th Grade)
    • PEN 8
    • Ceramics (9th Grade)
    • Drawing & Painting (9th Grade)

    I also plan on starting ART CLUB with the other art teacher here, so keep an eye out for upcoming announcements!
    Please check on my links on the right hand sign that will direct you to my Canvas and Twitter, where you can see what is currently happening in the art room!


  • mvanhouten@cbsd.org

    267-893-2900, ext. 2926