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    I keep things pretty simple here. Below you'll see a welcome letter, supply list, and contact information. 


  • Welcome Letter


    See Mr. Reynard's welcome letter below or click here to see it in a separate window. 


  • Mr. Reynard's Supply List


    Please bring the following to start the school year.

    1.  Four 2-pocket folders (one for math, reading, writing, and content). No binders this year. 

    2.  A pack of pens or pencils

    3.  Earbuds/headphones (it would be a good idea to label them)

    4.  A box of tissues and/or sanitizing wipes 

    5. Two notebooks (no preference on the type of notebook)

    The following are suggestions (optional). 
    1.  Expo markers (strongly recommended if you're not in Pre-Algebra)
    2.  Plastic zip lock bag or zipper pencil/pen case 
    3.  Highlighters
    4.  Colored pencils and/or markers 

  • Jon Reynard

    Jamison Elementary