Growth and Potential Program

    Program Overview

    GAPP will provide students with a transition curriculum that promotes independence while practicing the skills needed to become a successful adult in an authentic environment. The focus of GAPP is to increase the independence of students to be successful in the areas of independent living, functional academics, employment and social skills.  The program embeds reading, writing and math skills within independent living and employability course work as well as various work experiences.


    Instructional Focus

    Students will receive direct instruction and hands-on experience in Independent Living, Functional Academics, and Employment Skills. This includes instruction in the areas of Social Skills, Communication Skills, Consumer Mathematics, Practical Reading, and Work Based Learning. Students will continue to receive related services outlined in their IEP in a group setting while participating in the program.



    Teacher: Maggie Sharkey; An Educational Assistant also supports the program

    Teachers and Educational Assistants will provide instruction and support in the classroom/community and will also function as job coaches during work experiences with Community Partners. When students participate in an individual placement through Work Based Learning, they will work with additional job coaches from the Work Based Learning program.

    Students are expected to take direction and feedback from all staff with the same level of respect.


    Student Expectations/Responsibilities

    Students will contribute to a physically and emotionally safe environment. All students are expected to have a positive attitude (putting up not down), be respectful, be encouraging, be flexible, and be a team player. 

    Additionally, students will:

    • Be personally responsible for own thoughts, actions, and belongings
    • Give and receive honest feedback and move on
    • Request and receive permission to visit specified areas
    • Maintain consistent attendance
    • Be Punctual – be on time and prepared for learning/work
    • Maintain appropriate dress and hygiene
    • Call out when absent



    Students participating in the program will be responsible for bringing or purchasing their own lunches. Students will able to go to the CB West cafeteria or Cafe to purchase lunch. Students will be eating in the Café area rather than in the cafeteria.


    Community Partners

    The program has partnered with several businesses within the Central Bucks community in order to give students a chance to practice their transition skills in authentic environments. Students will get the opportunity to practice independent living and employment skills with the support and feedback of staff members and community partners. Throughout the year students will rotate through the various placements with our community partners in order to give them an opportunity to gain multiple job experiences.


    Work Based Learning

    While participating in the program, students will have individual work experiences that will be provided through the Work Based Learning program. Students will participate in the work based learning program for a minimum of one semester.


    Dress Code

    Students involved in the program will consistently be out in the community representing CBSD. Activities for the program will take place rain or shine. Students need to dress appropriately for the weather. This includes coats, gloves, hats, rain gear, etc.

    As we try to help students transition into their post-secondary lives, we would like them to associate themselves as young adults and not as high school students. Therefore, we request that students wear business casual attire. When participating in Work Based Learning, students will be expected to dress as their employer has requested. This includes volunteer experiences with our Community Partners. If a dress code is not specified, students will dress in business casual attire.

    When participating in activities at the YMCA, students will be expected to dress appropriately for the activity. For example, students will need swimwear on swimming days and workout clothes on fitness days.

    Any student not dressed appropriately for the community setting will experience natural consequences (get wet, be cold, sent back from work, miss activity, etc.).



    Consistent attendance is essential for success in this program just as it is for any employment. All absences must be reported. If a student is sick and will not be attending school and/or work, the student must report their absence.


    STUDENTS must report all absences to:

    • Maggie Sharkey
    • Work Based Learning placement (if scheduled to work that day)
    • Transportation


    PARENTS please report absences to:      

    • CB West Attendance Office
    • Transportation