Operation Paperback / Stars and Stripes club is for students in support of our servicemen and women. We are dedicated to making the lives of actively enlisted military men and women a little happier, and to supporting their families here at home. Activities involve sending paperback books to deployed soldiers, working with local military organizations to support their efforts, and raising student awareness of our past and present military.



    Mrs. Toub



    Our meeting times vary, depending on our project.  All meetings are in the College/Career Conference Room (next to Guidance).


    Collection Drive for USS Theodore Roosevelt

    Lt. Christopher J. Davies USS Theodore Roosevelt

    Lt. Christopher J. Davies, CBW Class of 2008, Navy Pilot on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt, shown here departing San Diego in October, 2017, for a 7-10 month deployment.



    From Wednesday, January 31 through Friday, February 9, 2018, Stars & Stripes will be running a COLLECTION DRIVE to benefit the men and women deployed for 7 months aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.  One of the crew is our own 2008 CBW Alumni, Lt. Christopher J. Davies, who is a Navy Pilot with the Mighty Shrikes Flight Squadron (pictured below).  

    Collections will take place through Advisories.  All grade levels have been assigned different items (10th grade - Toiletries; 11th grade - Entertainment items; 12th grade - Food/Snax).  Items will be packed into individual care packages, and each package will include letters of support written by West students.  Please see below for suggested items to donate.  

    There will also be collection bins in the Main Lobby for any community member wishing to donate.  Monetary donations to cover the cost of shipping ($17.00 per care package) would also be gratefully accepted -- cash or checks (payable to CB West Student Activities Fund) should be directed to the attention of Mrs. Lisa Corr in Guidance.


    List of suggested donation items:


    Food Items (12th grade)

    **No chocolate or food items that would melt in the heat

    ** No liquids


    -Nuts/chips/cookies in tins

    -Beef jerky

    -Hard candy individually wrapped

    -Chewing gum

    -Microwave popcorn

    -Ramen noodles


    -Powered drink mixes (any kind that can be mixed with water)

    -Energy drink mixes

    -Granola bars/energy bars/protein bars

    -Dried fruit

    -Cheese/peanut crackers



     Entertainment Items (11th grade)


    -Decks of cards

    -Paper-back books


    -Comic books (they will be read and shared)

    -Word games/Soduko/Cross-word puzzles/word searches

    -Double AA and D batteries

    -Small nerf footballs, basketballs


    -Stationary, paper, pens, envelopes and postage stamps

    -Phone cards (for use during short port calls)



    Toiletries (10th grade)


    **No liquids or aerosol cans


    -Travel size shaving cream/gel

    -Toothpaste, dental floss

    -Shampoo and conditioner

    -Body lotion; hand lotion

    -Bars of soap

    -Foot powder



    -Disposable razors

    -Face wipes

    -Individual packages of tissues

    -Anti-bacterial wipes


    -Cotton swabs

    -Lip balms

    -Lens cleaner

    -Plug in air freshener

    -Scented dryer sheets

    -Plain cotton socks, white and/or black.




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    Stars and Stripes Officers Ian Donaher and Rob Sangrigoli with Buckshot at the CBW Homecoming Carnival



     Stars & Stripes Officers Ian Donaher and Rob Sangrigoli with Buckshot at the CBW Homecoming Carnival.