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    March 2020 Update: I hope you are enjoying some time with your family. Check out some of the resources on our page for how to keep the learning going and be sure to check our class Distance Learning page each day starting 3/17/20. Can't wait to see you all again soon! 


    If you would like to access Teach Your Monster to Read for free on a laptop
    click on the following link:
    Star Code:  3481153
    If you would like to listen to reading using Bookflix click on the following link:
    Username: Learning20
    Password: Clifford
    Below are also many fun "Do Anytime" activities: 
    • 1. Read a favorite book, and talk about it. 

      Record your reading on Seesaw and listen to yourself.


      2. Find a fun learning activity on Seesaw. Add it to your journal.


      3. Walk around your house, and name some of the things that you see.

      Walk around with paper, and write down the names of the things you see.

      Read your list to someone in your family.


      4. Play a board game with someone. 


      5. Share, or write in your journal one nice/kind thing about everyone in your family.

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