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    Modern World History

     I’m incredibly excited about the curriculum this year. We will unfold the foundations of our global community- from Renaissance thinkers, through major revolutions to recent events that shape our current world. It's a big chunk to bite-off... but it’s going to be awesome! Here are a few things you can expect and maybe a bit of what you need to get ready for this class...


    Grade Breakdown

    • MP 1 – 44%- Quizzes, tests, HW, portfolio
    • MP 2- 44%-  Quizzes, tests, HW, portfolio
    • Core 1 – 3% (Unit 3)
    • Core 2 – 3% (Unit 6)
    • Final Essay – 6%


    Each marking period students will choose 5 pieces of your work (summative or formative) and defend how they show you have met any or all of the following priority standards: 

    1.Employ historical examples and political philosophy to understanding today’s events

    2.Analyze historical events and sources.

    3.Construct research on a historical topic using a thesis statement

    4.Read, understand, and respond to informational text

    Class Policies

    • Bathroom- Use a transition time to get my attention and use the pass. If abused, bathroom privileges will be revoked.
    • Phones- Cellphones can be useful and occasionally we will have opportunities to use them. There is a cell phone holder at the door. Leave all devices, including headphones in your assigned holder as you enter the classroom.
    • Absences- All make up work and tests must be completed during your own time and within three days of the absence. All class materials from the day are available online in our Class Notebook and in hard copy in the classroom. Resource and lunch are acceptable times. It is your responsibility to see me to schedule any make-up tests during one of these periods.
    • Participation-  This class thrives on your participation. Ways to participate in class:  Class discussions, helping others, volunteering, taking active roles in collaborative work. Ways to participate outside of class- Blogs, Class Notebook, other Internet- based collaborative forums
    • Photos- I will take pics of you working and learning. They get posted to our class wall (literally a wall in the classroom!), used in projects and maybe even the blog. No pics will be posted online.




    Want to score an “A” this year? I’m here to help. Here’s a breakdown of what makes up your final grade.

    1. MP1/ MP2: This includes tests, quizzes, projects, HW, CW     66%
    2. Core 1: Research, PPT, and Primary Source on Imperialism    10%
    3. Core 2: Research and Magazine Articles on Decolonization      10%
    4. Final Essay: The Essay question on the final                         6%
    5. Final MC: 50 Multiple choice questions                                  8%

    Here's how YOU can help!

    1. Be prepared: Notebook (for notes), folder (for handouts), textbook
    2. Participate: Take notes, Ask questions; Get involved; Help!
    3. Have a strong work ethic: Turn in classwork and homework on time; Be proactive in making up work, getting missed materials from absences;3 Days to make up missed work; Stay focused- no cell phones; Ask questions


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