•  Welcome to the QUEST page for Titus Elementary School!


    Miss McLaughlin

  • We are very excited to continue our QUEST adventure at Titus this year!  QUEST stands for "Questioning and Understanding in Engineering, Science, and Technology".  It is a special for students in grades 1-6.  The goal of our program is to provide students with real-world problem solving opportunities.  These challenges will help your child develop skills necessary for 21st century jobs: Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, and Critical Thinking.  Project-based learning activities will challenge children to think "outside the box" and learn to discover ways around problems through testing, analysis, and redesign.


    On this site, you'll find information about the QUEST program, descriptions and pictures of our current challenges, and links to engineering challenges that you can do at home!  Thank you for visiting!



  • Miss Molly McLaughlin
    QUEST Teacher
    Titus Elementary School
    Twitter @CB_MMcLaughlin