•                            Welcome to room 203

    Dear Students and Families,                                                                      June 2022 


    Hello and welcome to room 203!  My name is Mrs. Johnston.  I will be your child’s 6th grade teacher this upcoming fall semester!  Next school year will be especially important, as students become confident, independent learners, mastering not just content, but how to study, and what works best for their learning styles. 


    Sixth grade will provide many exciting activities.  In science, you will become scientists investigating the world around you!  We will learn about clean streams, our changing earth, and the human body.  The adventure will continue as we travel around the world in Social Studies, learning about early man and how he adapted through history.  Reading will be an engaging time when we explore a variety of novels in various genres and themes.  Our focus in writing will include: research, organization skills and presenting to an audience, all of this ensuring that you will be ready for 6th Grade Assessment and beyond! In math, we will grow as problem solvers as we develop intermediate computational skills. 


    This school year officially starts on Monday, August 29, 2022.  Our classroom number is 203.  There are some things that you should bring with you on the first day of school.  

    2 marble composition books 

    3 different colored plastic pocket folders with fasteners in the middle  

    Personal hand sanitizer  

    2 Boxes of tissues 

    Head Phones for Laptop



    On the first day of school, please bring in any size pictures of you, your family or friends, and words/adjectives that describe you as an individual.  The pictures and words should relate to you in some way (hobbies, favorite things to do, see, eat etc...). You may find these words or pictures in old magazines, newspapers, or print out from a computer.  We will be making a collage with the pictures and words.  You should have a total of 50 pictures/words/stickers/magazine pictures that represent you!  

    We will have snack time every day; please be sure to bring in a nutritious snack (fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, etc.).

    Important Dates:

    • Open House will be on Thursday, from 2:00-3:00 pm. Please feel free to tour the building and your new classroom, Room 203.   
    • First Day of School is Monday , August 29th. Come refreshed and ready to have a phenomenal sixth grade year at Bridge Valley! 
    • Back to School Night TBD


    Have a wonderful summer and see you in September! 

    Mrs. Johnston 





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