• Mrs. Foley
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          Welcome to Language Arts 7 at Holicong Middle School! 

          I hope that you are as excited about all the possibilities that this year will bring as I am! We have so much to learn and discover as we explore reading and writing.
          This course will further develop your reading strategies and ways to deepen your understanding of literature.  Additionally, L.A. 7 will provide you the opportunity to enhance your writing skills and habits by increasing your ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.  Throughout the school year, you will have the opportunity to explore many different genres and topics, develop more sophisticated techniques for writing, and build critical thinking skills. 
          Furthermore, we will practice listening and speaking skills on the individual, small group, and whole class level.  We will work together during one-on-one conferences, small group instruction, and whole class mini-lessons to improve your reading and writing, foster your strengths, and target areas that you need help with. I will help you discover that reading and writing is a journey that can be an enjoyable experience, an enlightening opportunity, and a path to success.
          I look forward to meeting you and working with you this school year.


                                     Mrs. Foley      
    Click here for the application to submit your writing to Holicong's Literary Magazine, Sevenatenine!