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    Welcome to English 10! Throughout this course we will be studying and dissecting written language from some of the world’s most prolific authors.  The major goal of this course is to introduce you to the various literary devices and styles that authors use to create meaning within various works.  We will dive into writing skills and reading strategies in order to help you better understand and use the English language. In our journey dissecting the English language we will be examining works from many different genres such as, novel, drama, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction.

    Your experience in the class depends upon the amount of energy and enthusiasm you bring every day.  This class runs on a lot of small group and/or whole class discussions. The more energy and positivity you bring to class the more you will take out of our discussions.  I encourage you to open your mind and outlook to new things, ask questions, and think outside the box.

    Visit your English 10 Section page for helpful documents and materials for class.  See the "Class Calendar" page to see any upcoming due dates, assignments, and important events in class.

    “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

    -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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