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    Mrs. Jennifer Repper
    Holicong Middle School
    Orchestra and String Ensemble Director
    Guitar, Exporatory Music, INC
    Holicong Orchestra 2019-20




    Holicong Instrument Storage & Rentals

    Violins and violas are brought to/from school each Orchestra day for class and are to be stored in the Orchestra Room.  Violinists and violists can be assigned an individual instrument locker in the Orchestra Room which requires a combination lock.  ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE  A LUGGAGE TAG ON THEIR INTRUMENT CASE. Cello & bass players can keep their instruments at home to practice on and can be provided an instrument to play for class.  Any cello or bass player who would like to bring their instrument to school for class is welcome to do so but may not take their instrument on a CB bus.

      You can rent instruments through Zeswitz Music Service and have them dropped off to Holicong. If you need a rental instrument for this school year, please order now! 


    Go to the Zeswitz website  ***Choose Central Bucks School District, Holicong, and ASAP Delivery on Zeswitz’s online order form and Zeswitz will deliver your instrument directly to Holicong


    **Parents,Orchestra members are not allowed to keep their instruments at Holicong long-term. You should see (and hear) their instrument at home on a regular basis as they always have music to practice. 

    Holicong Middle School and the Central Bucks School District will not be responsible for missing or damaged instruments.



     All Students and a parent/guardian should sign up for REMIND messages!

    Throughout the year Mrs. Repper will use this sytem to send you announcements and reminders.  REMIND is a closed system that allows Mrs. Repper to send texts to your phone.  With this system, she cannot see your phone # (and you can't see hers!). You also cannot message anyone else in the system.  

    7th GRADE ORCHESTRA  text: “@7thgrorche” to 81010  
    8th GRADE ORCHESTRA  text: “@78fh3dh” to 81010
     9th GRADE ORCHESTRA  text: “@4eadk2” to 81010
    Holicong String Ensemble Members: text @264kg to 81010 
    Holicong Orchestra Leaders: text @holicongor to 81010