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  • Welcome to my webpage, a site listing homework assignments, journal prompts, vocabulary lists, & project instructions.
    Please note my 2019-2020 schedule. Since I am teaching part-time, I will be in various classrooms throughout the day. 
       MP 1  MP 2  MP 3  MP 4
     Block 1 X X X X
     Block 2 X X Prep (D202)

     Prep (D202)

    HR X X X X
     Block 3 Prep (D202) Prep (D202)
    Hon Eng 12
    B Lunch (D217)
    Hon Eng 12
    B Lunch (D217)
     Block 4 Debate (D220) Debate (D220) Hon Eng 12 (D225)
    Hon Eng 12 (D225) 
  • Please contact me at btransue@cbsd.org . You may also call 267-893-2300 and ask to leave me a voicemail message.
    Thank you!