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    CB East
    Aula D117
    Español 1, 2, 3, y 4
    Aula D117 Semestre Uno Semestre Dos
    Block 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 2

    Block 2

    Spanish 4 Spanish 3
    Block 3 Spanish 4 Spanish 3
    Block 4 Plan Plan
    Spanish 4 Online Textbook Information

    You must first sign-in to your CBSD Office 365 account.

    1. Click on the Office 365 waffle icon (top left of the screen)

    2. “All Apps”

    3. “Holt World Language” (this will then take you to the publisher’s website in a new tab)

    4. “Home”

    5. “Go to the Online Textbook”

    After completing these steps, you will gain access to many features of the online textbook including a page by page digital copy of the textbook used in class.

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