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    April 1st: Orientation for B Day courses only. Expectatons,office hours,tools and distance learning course framework can be found by visiting my OneNotel link.
    OneNote link: Phase 2.0 OneNote link
    Schedule moving forward:
    Monday/Tuesday for A Days and Wednesday/Thursday B Days unless there is a holiday, no school, modified schedule or until we finish distance learning.
    Approximately 5 minutes prior to the event I will send you an invite
    A- Day Scheule
    *Starting April 6th and 7th (Monday Block 1 & 2 & Tuesday Block 3 & 4  A -Days) 
    9:30am Monday : Block 1/Lifetime Sports :Live check in via teams 
    12:00pm Monday: Block 2/Team Sports: Live check in via teams 
    9:30am Tuesday: Block 3 (x)
    12:00pm Thursday: Block 4/HPE: Live check in via teams 
    B-Day Schedule
    *Starting April 8th and 9th (Wednesday Block 1 & 2  & Thurdays Block 3 & 4 B Days)
    9:30am Wednesday: Block 1/HPE:Live check in via teams
    12:00pm Wednesday: Block 2 (x)
    9:30am Thursday: Block 3/Team Sport:Live check in via teams 
    12:00pm Thursday: Block 4/H/PE: Live check in via teams
     Healthy Lifestyle
    Prior to beginning the Distance Learning Program please read the following:
    Student health and safety is our priority. At any time if you feel faint, light headed or are experiencing dizziness please halt all exercise and refer to parent/s or guardian for advice. If you feel you need a differentiated lesson please contact me.
    Social Distancing: This program is an individually based program designed to adhere to CDC guidelines on social distancing. Both segments of the program are to be completed individually or with healthy family members at your residence.