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    Greg Wetzel 
    Central Bucks High School West Mathematics - Rm C119
    Boys Winter T&F Head Coach
    Boys Spring T&F Head Coach
    Boys Cross Country Assistant Coach
    267.893.2500 x 6228
    Spring 2020 Schedule:

    Extra Help Before School
    : just be sure you confirm our appointment time with me in advance (gwetzel@cbsd.org).
    1.  Calculus One
    2.  Applied Mathematics
    Extra Help During Homeroom/Advisory: just ask for a pass any Wednesday (we are permitted to offer extra help in homeroom only on Wednesdays).
    3.  Applied Mathematics
    Extra Help During C-Lunch: if you have C-lunch, just let me know you are coming for help any day of the week. 
    4. Plan - Extra Help during my plan/prep period- if you have pd 4 study hall or early release, just ask for a pass any day of the week.
    Extra help after school - you can find me in my classroom daily until 2:45 as long as we do not have a meet that day (weekday meets are typically Tuesdays with some occasionally on Thursdays or Fridays).
  • Quadratics  
    7+8=Numbers are great.